PsyPAG Conference 2020

Welcome to the 35th Annual PsyPag Conference at Leeds University.

"First of all, the room was literally full and some people were even standing in the back – just to listen my talk. It felt incredible! The questions I got after my talk were also very enthusiastic, engaging, and curious, showing a strong interest in the topic itself, not just on the research process. If you have never presented before, this is a wonderful opportunity to present your work in a friendly environment to an audience who is strongly familiar with your struggles as fellow postgraduate researchers."
Nihan Albayrak-Aydemir
PhD Student at London School of Economics
“PsyPAG isn’t like other conferences – the camaraderie is infectious. These students are enjoying the experience of academia, being open and honest about the real struggle of PhD life, admitting mistakes and missed targets and deadlines to a room of knowing laughs, and taking failure on the chin."
Ella Rhodes
Journalist, The Psychologist Magazine


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